Decolonizing Film Festival Research in a Post-Pandemic World proposes a first step in the process of decolonizing film festival research by bringing together an international team of African film festival researchers to investigate methods to decolonize festival research. The team has designed and trialled an innovative and accessible two-part Decolonial Test, able to: 1) Identify potential unconscious bias in the research design itself; and 2) Develop a series of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion variables that can foster inclusive, dialogical and polycentric ways of knowledge production and dissemination which will in turn ensure ownership of the process for communities concerned.

Funding Body: New Frontiers in Research Fund, Government of Canada
Period: March 2022 – May 2024
Dr. Sheila Petty – Nominated Principal Investigator, University of Regina (Canada)
Dr. Estrella Sendra – Co-principal Investigator, King’s College London (UK)

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