Psychologist of the Year Award Demo


Dr. Emily Wang, a registered psychologist for over 30 years, began her career in the U.S. and returned to Alberta in 1998. She has dedicated many years to understanding the impact of trauma–as a clinician, an invited speaker, and an Associate Member in research projects with the Mathison Centre and Hotchkiss Brain Institute. Currently, Emily is focused on guiding and expanding mental health knowledge and practice. As an early adopter of the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics, and with the strong support of Hull’s leaders, Emily engaged staff to shift and evolve therapeutic practice across the agency, eventually expanding Hull’s reach beyond Alberta. Emily established Hull as a Touchpoints Training Site, in efforts to increase transdisciplinary collaboration in prevention. Emily finds great fulfillment in teaching the next generation of professionals: she is an Adjunct Lecturer at Cumming School of Medicine, (Psychiatry), a Sessional Instructor (Social Work) at the University of Calgary and a faculty member of the Infant Mental Health Fellowship (UC Davis). 

(Psychologists’ Association of Alberta, 2023)