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URCaregiver Worksheets and Activities

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Worksheet 1 – Identifying the sources of stress

Module 1: Managing and Recognizing Stress  

Worksheet 2 – Monitoring signs of stress

Module 2: Looking at the way you think and feel

Worksheet 3 – Journaling your thoughts and feelings

Module 3: Relaxation strategies to managing feelings of stress

Worksheet 4 – Relaxation monitoring

Module 4: Taking care of yourself and your loved one

Worksheet 5 – Thinking patterns

Worksheet 6 – Self-care schedule

Module 5: Thought challenging and problem-solving strategies

Worksheet 7 – Journaling your thoughts

Worksheet 8 – Identifying your strengths

Worksheet 9 – Problem solving strategies

Module 6: Social support and resources for caregivers

Worksheet 10 – Connecting with others