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Musculoskeletal Health and Mobility


The intent of this cluster is to direct and focus research efforts pertaining to healthy aging and mobility, particularly as this relates to movement, exercise, recreation, nutrition, and falls prevention.

Cluster Leader

Dr. John M. Barden, PhD, Associate Professor, Kinesiology and Health Studies, University of Regina.

Cluster Members

Dr. Darren Candow, Kinesiology and Health Studies, University of Regina.

Dr. Thomas Hadjistavropoulos, Psychology, University of Regina.

Dr. Rebecca Genoe, Kinesiology and Health Studies, University of Regina.

Dr. Katherine McLeod, Kinesiology and Health Studies, University of Regina.

Graduate Students

Christian Clermont

Chidinma Osinike

Current Projects

  • The effect of textured insoles on gait variability in older adult fallers and non-fallers
  • Age-related sex differences in gait variability
  • Sex differences in gait regularity and symmetry in older adults with and without knee osteoarthritis
  • Long-term effects of creatine supplementation and exercise on aging musculoskeletal biology and falls prevention in postmenopausal women
  • Effects of creatine supplementation and resistance training on stroke rehabilitation
  • Effects of creatine supplementation in aging adults with Type II diabetes

Sample Publications

Candow, D.G., G.A. Zello, B. Ling, J.P. Farthing, P.D. Chilibeck, K. McLeod, J. Harris, S.J. Johnson. (2014). Comparison of creatine supplementation before versus after supervised resistance training in healthy older adults. Research in Sports Medicine, 22(1):61-74.

Kobsar, D., Olson, C., Paranjape, R., Hadjistavropoulos, T., & Barden, J. M. (2014). Evaluation of age-related differences in the stride-to-stride fluctuations, regularity and symmetry of gait using a waist-mounted tri-axial accelerometer. Gait & Posture,39, 553-557. doi: 10.1016/j.gaitpost.2013.09.008

Kobsar, D., Olson, C., Paranjape, R. & Barden, J.M. (2014). The validity of gait variability and fractal dynamics obtained from a single, body-fixed tri-axial accelerometer. Journal of Applied Biomechanics, 30 (2), 343-347.

Hadjistavropoulos, T., Carleton, R.N., Delbaere, K., Barden, J., Z, Zwakhalen, S., Fitzgerald, B., Ghandehari, O.O., & Hadjistavropoulos, H. (2012).  The relationship of fear of falling and balance confidence with balance and dual tasking performance. Psychology and Aging, 27, 1-13. doi: 10.1037/a0024054

McLeod K.M., Johnson S.J., Rasali, D., Verma, A. (2015). Discriminatory performance of the calcaneal quantitative ultrasound and Osteoporosis Self-Assessment Tool to select older women for dual energy X-ray absorptiometry. Journal of Clinical Densitometry, (in press).


For more information, contact cluster leader Dr. John Barden at John.Barden@uregina.ca