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Information for Potential Participants

By adding your name and contact information to the Directory of Potential Participants, you may be contacted by researchers involved in aging and/or health research.  Access to the directory will only be given to persons who have a formal affiliation with the Centre on Aging and Health (CAH). Moreover, each time you are contacted and asked to participate in research, details of the specific project will be provided to you before you give consent. You have the right to refuse participation or withdraw from any study at any time without penalty.

Each researcher that contacts you will ask whether you wish to remain in the directory. Researchers will be asked to advise the CAH if they come across any out of date information.  Should you decide that you wish to have your information removed from the directory at that time, the researcher will inform the CAH of the same and your information will be deleted from the directory. You can also arrange for your name to be withdrawn from the directory at any time by contacting the Centre on Aging and Health (Centre on Aging and Health, University of Regina, Regina, SK, S4S 0A2) or the Directory Coordinator directly ((306) 337-8477, cah@uregina.ca).

PLEASE NOTE: All researchers must complete an application form and have received clearance from the University of Regina’s Research Ethics Board for each proposed project BEFORE any contact information will be provided to them. The Director of the CAH will reserve the right to refuse access to the directory of participants for cause, or if there is any indication that too many demands are being placed on the individuals listed in the directory at any one time. Researchers will have to sign the bottom portion of the application indicating that they will only use the names for the specified studies that have been considered by the Directory Coordinator and/or the Director of the Centre. Any instance in which researchers fail to comply with their signed statement (i.e., using the directory without clearance), the matter will be referred to the Office of the VP Research.

Once a researcher has received approval to use the directory, he or she will be given access to names and contact information. The researcher will be able to contact you directly via telephone, postal mail, or electronic mail to determine whether that you are interested and available to participate. Once the required number of participants have been obtained, researchers will be advised in writing that they are expected to destroy the list of names and contact information given to them.

To sign up to participate, use the supplied application form (download file below) and mail or fax it.

Or click here to fill out the online form.

Participant Sign Up Sheet

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