Members and Associate Members

Members and Associate Members hold faculty or senior research appointments at a university or health care facility and demonstrate academic excellence in gerontology or health research in general (e.g., multiple publications, substantial external grants)

Research Interests: Pharmacokinetics and pharmacology of drugs/natural products in older adults

Clinical Interests: Clinical efficacy of flax seed lignans in cardiovascular disease risk factors; drug pharmacokinetics in older adults

Professor of Psychology

Research Interests: Anxiety disorders and chronic pain in seniors

Professor of Kinesiology & Health Studies

Cluster Leader: Musculoskeletal Health and Mobility

Research Interests: Use of proprioceptive feedback to control joint interaction torques in multijoint movement, adaptation of neuromuscular control mechanisms to microgravity environments, role of proprioceptive feedback in maintaining joint stability, role of central pattern generators in cyclic upper limb movements, applications of non-linear dynamics systems to the neural control of movement, the impact of deficient proprioception on joint stability and postural control mechanisms in the aging population, the impact of deficient postural control on gait and obstacle avoidance in patients with Parkinson’s disease and the effect of age and osteoarthritis on knee proprioception.

Clinical Interests: improved neuromuscular control through increased physical activity for elderly subjects, rehabilitation programs for patients with shoulder instability.

Clinical and Research Interests: The brain especially maintaining and even improving brain health for “normal” aging and in specific populations such as those with Parkinson’s Disease, and those who have had cardiac events, such as heart attacks.

Sleep and brain health/maintenance and recovery.

Associate Professor of Biology

Cluster Leader: Biological Basis of Age-Related Brain Disorders

Research Interests: Dr. Buttigieg’s area of interest is centered on better understanding the pathophysiology associated with diseases such as dementia (e.g. Alzheimer’s), autoimmune diseases (e.g. Multiple Sclerosis), and injury (e.g. stroke or spinal cord injury). Using pharmacological interventions, the aim of Dr. Buttigieg’s research is to mitigate the severity of damage to the CNS. However, once injury has occurred, to use stem cell intervention to reduce or reverse injury and tissue damage.

Professor of Exercise Physiology and Metabolism in Kinesiology & Health Studies

Research Interests: Exercise, Nutrition, and Aging

Research Interests: Physical activity, nutrition, aging, osteoporosis, bone health, muscle health, sarcopenia, metabolic syndrome, diabetes

Research Interests: Attention; cardiac rehabilitation; executive functioning; physical activity.

Clinical Interests: Psychological performance in sport and exercise, goal setting.

Research Interests: Determinants of health in older adults; managing symptoms of AD; health services in rural and remote areas; support for informal caregivers

Clinical Interests: Home Care

Research Interests: Health psychology, older adults, pain, family health

Research Interests: Patient/Physician communication, public education on death and dying, chronic pain in the elderly.

Clinical Interests: Palliative care and chronic pain.

Assistant Professor, Psychology

Research Interests:

(1) The influence of psychosocial factors (e.g., ageism, social support, emotions) in the experience of chronic diseases among older persons; (2)  The role of adversity & resilience in the aging process; and (3) Development of policy recommendations aimed at improving the lived experiences of aging populations.

Professor of Kinesiology & Health Studies

Research Interests: Leisure and aging, leisure and chronic conditions, leisure and dementia, the lived experience of dementia, leisure and retirement, Therapeutic Recreation in Long-Term Care, and qualitative methodologies.

Associate Professor, Psychology and Canada Research Chair in Women's Mental Health

Cluster Leader: Aging and Women’s Health

Research Interests: The role of ovarian hormones in the etiology of perimenopausal depression, cardiovascular effects of perimenopausal hormone changes, mechanisms linking hot flashes and increased cardiovascular disease risk

Research Interests: clinical neuropsychology, ethics in professional practice, theories in cognitive development

Research Interests: Health anxiety assessment and treatment, pain assessment and treatment, patient-provider relationships, health services research, quality of care, continuity of care, integrated care pathways and guidelines, client satisfaction, waiting lists.

Clinical Interests: Adult psychological assessment and treatment, in particular, depression, anxiety, chronic pain.

Professor of Psychology and Research Chair in Aging and Health

Cluster Leader: Pain in Old Age

Research Interests: Pain assessment, dementia, gerontology, ethics and standards of professional practice, clinical psychology, and health psychology.

Clinical Interests: Adult Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Adult Psychological Assessment.

Research Interests: Medical ethics, religion and society, world religions and ethics

Research Interests: Disability, personhood, and social inclusion; relationships among long-term care residents, family caregivers, staff, and organizational leaders; family communication and care in long-term care settings; quality of life in long-term care; strengthening a palliative approach in long-term care; mental health support in long-term care

Photo of Dr. Shanthi Johnson

Research Interests: Role of nutrition and exercise interventions in improving functional capacity and reducing falls in seniors in community and long-term care settings, injury/falls prevention, cross-cultural study of aging, health beliefs and practices, rural health, health planning process, food security