Become a Member

Researchers investigating health/aging as well as health professionals with an interest in aging are encouraged to apply to the for Centre on Aging and Health (CAH) membership. Members will be a part of a growing network of aging and health researchers. In addition, the CAH can facilitate dissemination of member research to the public through our newsletter, organization of public presentations, on our website, via twitter, and through other avenues.

CAH researchers are conducting world-class gerontological research related to Canada. Many of our members work with research clusters, whose focuses include pain in old age, personhood and resilience in senior care, musculoskeletal aging and health, as well as Aboriginal health and aging.

Members may access the Centre on Aging and Health Directory of Potential Research Participants: hundreds of potential participants for all University of Regina Research Ethics Board approved studies.

Members also receive information on relevant conferences, scholarships, grants as well as the CAH Newsletter, and a variety of other aging-and-health-specific news and events, including those hosted and sponsored by the CAH.