Professional Associates

Professional Associates are clinicians or other professionals who work with older adults (e.g., practicing social workers, nurses, lawyers, older adult educators, health care administrators).

Research Interests: Older Adults, Pharmacy

Research Interests: Health psychology, aging, pain.

Research Interests: Geriatric mental health

Research Interests: Patient engagement, pain, dementia, knowledge translation

Clinical Interests: Improving assessment and management of pain in dementia especially for those in long-term care. Improving pain care services and access to self management programs and support for those with chronic pain.

Brachaniec has experience as a physiotherapist, chronic pain patient, and as a caregiver for her parents during their dementia journeys.

Research Interests: Pain assessment, seniors, dementia, falls

Research Interests: Aging, women’s health, osteoporosis,anxiety and stress disorders.

Clinical Interests: Cancer, diabetes and degenerative diseases

Research Interests: Pain assessment in seniors with severe dementia, ethics

Clinical Interests: CBT psychotherapy, post-traumatic stress disorder, adult neuropsychological assessment

Research Interests: Older Adults, Chronic Pain, Abnormal and Normal Aging, Mood and Anxiety Disorders, Chronic Pain, Assessment of Psychopathology

Research Interests: Health, older adults, aging and resiliency, impacts of isolation, mental health

Clinical and Research Interests: Neuropsychological assessment, rehabilitation and evidenced-based psychological treatment of mood, anxiety, and psychotic disorders.

Research Interests: Pain sensitivity in seniors with dementia, increased access to psychological services in rural areas of Canada

Clinical Interests: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, ACT

Research Interests: Health anxiety, anxiety, health psychology, assessment, normative data, norms for seniors, computerized assessment, Hypochondriasis, and Clinical Psychology.

Clinical Interests: Adult Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Adult Psychological Assessment, Adult Neuropsychological Assessment.

Research Interests: Role of nurse practitioners in long term care settings; Palliative/End-of-life care; Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Research Interests: Pain and fall prevention

Research Interests: Illness Narratives, Comics & Aging, Narrative Nonfiction and Aging, Intergenerational Advocacy