Trainee Members

Trainee members are students or post-doctoral fellows in recognized post-secondary institutions. Membership is not limited to students of the University of Regina.
Trainee members have the opportunity to volunteer for CAH committees, which like CAH Membership in general, offers important academic experience. Ultimately, as students gain experience and become faculty, researchers or health professionals, their CAH membership status can be upgraded from Trainee Member to Associate Member, Professional Associate, or Member.

Research Interests: Quality of care for hospitalized older adults, cognitive function, quality of care for delirium in the in patient setting, fall prevention and management

Clinical Interests: Geriatric Medicine

Research Interests: Psychosocial factors that influence health-related outcomes in older adults living with chronic conditions

Research Interests: Chronic diseases, mental health, digital health, older adults, quality of life

Research Interests: Women’s mental health in the menopause transition

Research Interests: Health psychology, Pain, Dementia, Knowledge Tranlsation

Research Interests: Indigenous health; Indigenous mental health and wellness; Indigenous Elders; Indigenous traditional knowledge

Clinical Research Interests: Indigenous mental health and wellness; Substance misuse

Research Interests: Aging, caregivers, long-term care, and aging technology

Research Interests: Healthy Aging and Autism, health policy, healthcare risk management, and health services research.

Research Interests: Non-Pharmacological Pain Management in Nursing Homes: Investigating approaches to pain management without the use of medications for older adults with dementia, focusing on the perspectives and insights of nursing team members.

Research Interests: Pain assessment and management in adults with dementia; psychosocial outcomes for adults with dementia; applications of cannabinoids for patients with chronic illness; physical activity engagement for managing pain and enhancing health outcomes in older adults

Research Interests: Social isolation, loneliness, frailty, aging, mindfulness,depression, disability, cognitive decline, chronic diseases, longitudinal analysis

Research Interests: Pain, Dementia, Long-Term Care, Neurospychology

Research Interests: Dementia

Research Interests: Eco-anxiety, climate change and mental health, decolonial mental health and environmental paradigms, neurodivergence and ADHD, nature and mental health, Indigenous knowledge systems

Research Interests: Facial cues during pain expression in older adults with dementia

Research Interests: Health psychology, dementia, aging, loneliness in older adults

Research Interests: Pain in dementia, Aging, Quality of life of seniors

Research Interests: Substance use, Indigenous mental health, older adults, health psychology.

Research Interests: Pain in dementia, knowledge translation, health psychology