Members and Associate Members

Members and Associate Members hold faculty or senior research appointments at a university or health care facility and demonstrate academic excellence in gerontology or health research in general (e.g., multiple publications, substantial external grants)

Research Interests: Aging, psychometric evaluation, long-term care, evidence based practice, pain measurement

Research Interests: Aboriginal health and aging research; elderly women’s health

Research Interests: Longitudinal data, multivariate statistics, robust estimation, quality of life, administrative data

Cluster Leader: Personhood and Resilience in Senior Care

Research Interests: Ethics and philosophy in health care organizational contexts (e.g., decision-making, organizational culture and climate).

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies

Research Interests: Neurorehabilitation, stroke, brain injury, motor learning, motor control.

Clinical Interests: Community exercise and rehabilitation programming.

Research Interests: pain assessment among older adults in community, long-term care, and palliative settings; development and implementation of psychosocial treatment programs for pain among older adults; the relationship between fear of pain and fear of falling in younger and older populations; medical decision making among older adults; cognitive aging

Clinical Interests: The treatment of anxiety and depression using cognitive-behavioural interventions.

Associate Professor, Educational Psychology

Research Interests: My primary research interests focus on the role of cultural connectedness for Indigenous peoples’ mental health and holistic wellness. My research projects use innovative blends of quantitative, qualitative, and Indigenous methodologies to increase the relevance of my research for Indigenous communities. I specialize in conducting strengths-based, trauma-informed approaches to community-based participatory research, and decolonized nature-based psychotherapy with Indigenous peoples.

Clinical Interests: Culturally-specific psychotherapy with Indigenous populations.

Research Interests: Osteroporosis, fragility, fracture, nutrition, physical activity and aging, health behaviour change, patient-oriented research, health promotion/health education knowledge translation.

Research Interests: Rural and remote dementia care, early assessment and diagnosis, barriers to use of services, and primary health care.

Associate Professor, Faculty of Nursing

Research Interests: Healthy aging in place, Older adults quality of life, Black older adults social connectedness, Racialized older adults social connectedness, Cohousing community and older adults quality of life.

Professor Emeritus of Psychology

Research Interests: History, Theory & Philosophy of Psychology, Qualitative Research, Methods Research Ethics

Research Interests: Lifelong learning, health promotion, volunteerism, gerontology, cross cultural awareness, traditional medicine.

Research Interests: Nurses’ health, mental health, wellness, nurses’ work.

Research Interests: Nutrition, health sciences, musculoskeletal system and rehabilitation

Associate Professor, Faculty of Nursing and Aging Studies Program Coordinator

Aging Studies Program Coordinator

Research Interests: long-term care, dementia care, palliative and end-of-life care, advanced practice nursing

Research Interests: Fear of pain, health psychology, ethics, fear of falling among seniors

Clinical Interests: Cognitive behavioural therapy, neuropsychological assessment